HOTOR Multipurpose Car Trash Can - 2 Packs (11003)

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      About This Product:
    • Applicable for Most Vehicles - This mini car Trash Can can be applied to lots of place in different vehicles, such as center console cup holders and door cup holders in cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats and many other vehicles. It can be everywhere and always within your reach to cover your needs.
    • Mini But Strong Body - Hotor vehicle cup holder trash can, a reliable car accessory, is made from ABS Materials, which make every small trash can stronger and more durable. It can be placed in small free space in vehicles as well as home & office. 3.4*3.4*6.4 inch mini body can make good use of free space without wasting! Hotor car trash can is more than a car must have!
    • Easy to Use - Hotor car garbage can features Push-Button Pop Open cover which ensures the convenient using of the item. You could open and close trash can simply by pressing without taking off the cover. Meanwhile, the specific cover also performs faultlessly in preventing trash from falling out of the trash can and unpleasant smell from coming out.
    • Additional Trash Bags - 30 sufficient trash bags coming with the item provide perfect match for the car trash can. These trash bags of premium quality are not prone to tear or break which will never fails you in holding trash. Simply knot the trash bag and take it out when the trash can is full.
    • Convenient to Clean - The wide open design brings not only an easier access for trash to get into the trash can, but also an advantage of convenient cleaning. Moreover, the smooth texture on inner surface saves unnecessary hassles of cleaning process as well. Rest assured to use it and take less efforts to clean it.

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      30 Car Garbage Bags for Short-term Use

      Plastic Body for Leakproof Use

      Excellent Container for Umbrella

      Don't want to wash the trash bin frequently? HOTOR car trash bin is attached with 30 trash bags , which could meet your short-term needs. When the car trash bin is filled, just take out the trash bag and throw it into the garbage can outside. We're ready to go! Still worried about the dirty liquid will leak out from the textile car trash bin? Due to the special sealed design, this plastic small trash can will not leak a drop of liquid like the car trash can in textile does.                                                             After rushing through heavy rain to your car, finding a suitable place for your wet folding umbrella with dripping water could be a problem. This mini car trash can provide a perfect place for your umbrella!                               

    • Multiple Uses for Wide Application   

      Special Cover for Fastening Trash Bags

      Mini Body for Small Place                   

      This is a car trash can, but it isn't only a trash can. It also can be applied in a vehicle as a container or an ashtray. This car trash can definitely is one of your reliable vehicle accessories.                                                                                                                      The nasty liquid will come out if the trash bags aren't fixed. This won't happen with HOTOR. The edge of the trash bag will be tightly held to the slot between the cover and trash can body, so the trash bag won't be able to fall off. HOTOR car trash bin has a mini body, which could make good use of extra space in vehicles, such as cup holder of car's door. Enjoy the cleaning environment in your car without considering the garbage for car!                      
    HOTOR Multipurpose Car Trash Can - 2 Packs (11003)
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