HOTOR Leakproof Car Trash Can (11008)

$20.99 $17.99
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: HOTOR trash can for car is not only a car garbage can but can also serve as a storage bag for car accessories, foods and important documents. Whenever you would like to tidy your car, just put your car stuff
  • LARGER CAPACITY: The large capacity of HOTORtrash can saves more space for storage and time from frequent emptying when compared with traditional mini trash cans. It also helps keep your car clean, tidy and organized while traveling or vacationing.
  • BIGGEROPENING: HOTOR car trash can has a bigger opening on its top, which enables you to store and take everything out with easier access. Larger opening is designed to bring you a more convenient drive!
  • PLASTICBATTENS: The plastic batten is designed to prevent the collapsible trash bag from unexpected shutting when in use. To install the batten, just insert it along the interior part of the straps in the 2 sides of the trash can and align it with the straps. To detach it, simply draw it out.
  • WATERPROOF LINING: The waterproof lining can effectively protect the trash bag and your car from getting wet by drinks and grease stains. You just need to rinse the interior and dry it with a cloth to have it at the ready for future use.
HOTOR Leakproof Car Trash Can (11008)
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